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       Welcome to Paynes Creek Preservation Alliance

What is the Paynes Creek Preservation Alliance?

The Paynes Creek Preservation Alliance is an Citizen Support Organization – by the Department of Environmental Protection, who support operations of Paynes Creek Historic State Park.

Our purpose is to raise funds from events and appropriate grants that can be used by Park for projects and equipment purchases. Along with financial support the organization provides volunteer support to help grow the park and its involvement with our communities.

Our Mission:

To support the preservation and protection of the cultural resources and natural systems of Paynes Creek Historic State Park.

To promote public awareness of the historic significance through interpretive programs, special events, and social functions.

To provide volunteer projects, services and general assistance to the park.

Upcoming events

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Past events

Tue, November 10, 2020 Monthly Board Meeting
Tue, October 13, 2020 Monthly Board Meeting
Tue, September 29, 2020 Monthly Board Meeting
Tue, July 14, 2020 Monthly Board Meeting
Tue, April 21, 2020 Monthly CSO Meeting
Tue, March 17, 2020 Monthly CSO Meeting
Sat, March 07, 2020 Fort Chokonikla Reenactment
Tue, February 18, 2020 Monthly CSO Meeting
Tue, February 11, 2020 Reenactment Planning Meeting
Thu, November 14, 2019 Want to volunteer - come to our Free reception
Thu, October 24, 2019 Hosting the Hardee County Chamber Luncheon

Become a member

We invite you to become a friend of the park and help us support this wonderful resource of Paynes Creek Historic State Park to maintain and improve the conservation of Florida's resources, and provide a natural environment of learning and pleasure for families, school children, groups, and naturalists for years to come.

Your membership entitles you to:

  • Receipt of regular electronic news bulletins: including event and program timetables, and news from around the park
  • Free park admissions based on membership level status (Click "Join us" button below for more details)
  • Help grow within our community

Your membership fee helps us to:

  • Organize nature hikes to provide a deeper understanding of the park’s natural and culture resources
  • Present nature and outreach programs, and special events for the general public
  • Maintain and improve the hiking trails, and visitor center exhibits
  • Provide amenities that are beyond the park’s budget.
  • Join now and make Paynes Creek Historic State Park “your park.”
  • Annual membership is only $45.00 for a family, $25.00 for an Individual, and $10.00 for a Student
Join us

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"Paynes Creek Preservation Alliance" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

   888 Lake Branch Rd. Bowling Green, Florida 33834

Our current Code of Ethics:  CSO Code of ethics_June 2018.pdf


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